“Connecting Classrooms to Congress” With Joseph Kahne, Jonathan Collins, Kevin Esterling, Mariam Salloum, Erica Hodgin, and Michael Neblo.

“Athletic Democracy: Robust Deliberation and Participation.” With Michael Neblo, Lauren Ratliff Santoro, Anand Sokhey, & David Lazer

“Does Familiarity Breed Esteem? A Field Experiment on Emergent Attitudes toward Members of Congress.” With Kevin Esterling & Michael Neblo

“It Takes Two: Heterogeneous Motivations and Reputations in International Relations.” With Eunbin Chung, Matthew Hitt, & Andrew Rosenberg

“Man, State, and War: An Experimental Approach.” With Eli Assaf, Chris Gelpi, & Andrew Rosenberg

“The Social Control of Political Participation.” With David Lazer, Michael Neblo, Katherine Ognyanova, & Brian Rubineau

“Socializing Statecraft: Wining and Dining Congress in the Jefferson Presidency.” With William Massengill & Gregory Caldeira

“Talk and Text: Verbal versus Numeric Messages in Cheap Talk Experiments” With Jonathan Woon

“Thrasymachus’ Blush: Between the Science of Reason and the Politics of Emotion.” With Michael Neblo